Cleaning As You Like It

Sefas Cleaning Company was founded over 18 years ago by a husband & wife team dedicated to offering a personalized cleaning services. Over the years they have earned a reputation as one of the best and most trusted cleaning services in the region. They began using the “clean as you like” phrase to help convey their personal and customized approach to home and office cleaning services. Every client has a slightly different preference, and “cleaning as you like it” phrase means that we want to customize our service so that we clean your home or office the same way that you would.

Our company is operated by people who appreciate that your time is valuable and trust is priceless. We strive to earn and keep the trust of our customers every day!

Sefas Cleaning Owners

Roberto J, Jr.

President & COO

Roberto divides his time between the office and working with customers. Whether he is buying supplies or helping in the field, Roberto makes sure everything is moving in the right direction.

Jane Soares

Vice President & Production Coordinator

After two years as an employee for a cleaning company in Maryland, Jane moved to North Carolina with the goal to open her own cleaning business. Today with 16 years of experience, Jane is the owner, Vice President and Production Coordinator at Sefas Cleaning.